Automatic High Speed Stand up Pouch Liquid Paste Filling Sealing Packing Machine

a low cost high speed pick fill seal doypack packing machine. It is for packaging two pouches at a time.

  • No.: YLM-PMHZ-140D-LP
  • Brand: EASYREALM
  • Product Introduction

    Automatic High Speed Stand up Pouch Filling Machine | High Speed Liquid / Paste Pouch Filling Sealing Machine | Automatic High Speed Linear Doypacks Liquid Filling Machine

    • The high speed premade pouch filling sealing machine is for packaging liquid products or paste products in o premade stand up spout pouches or premade bags.

    • It can do filling and sealing for such bag types as doy bag,spout pouch (with nozzle or cap in the corner of the pouch), four sides sealed bag, paper bags, etc.

    • This high speed premade stand up pouch packing machine is composed of a dosing & filling pump, a liquid material hopper and an automatic premade pouch pick fill seal machine.

    • It does material dosing and filling (by pump), premade bag picking up, date printing, opening, filling and sealing fully automatically with a high packing speed of 30-80pcs per minute.

    • Easyrealm is one of the premade pouch packing machine manufacturers in China. We are manufacturing and supplying all kinds of premade bag packing machines at low cost, such as single station premade pouch packing machine, double station pick fill seal machine, mini doypack packing machine, automatic linear premade stand up zipper pouch packaging machine for granules, premade zip lock bag powder filling machine, premade liquid spout pouch filling and sealing machine, etc.

    • All kinds of premade zipper bag packing machine can be custom designed and fabricated to your specific specifications or requirements.

  • Product Applications

    Foods: edible oil, olive oil, fruit juice, soft drinks, water, milk, yogurt, salad, mayonnaise, tomato paste, tomato ketchup, soy sauce, duck sauce,anchovy essence, cocktail sauce, salsa, barbecue sauce, ranch dressing, dressing, mayo, hot sauce, chilli sauce, cheese sauce, pasta sauce, spaghetti sauce, etc
    Others: ink, car wash detergent, liquid laundry detergent, liquid soap, etc

    Easyrealm Co., Ltd

    Easyrealm Co., Ltd

    Easyrealm Co., Ltd

  • Product Packing

    Easyrealm Co., Ltd

    Working Process

    1.Two pouches picking up

    2. Two pouches receiving

    3. Two pouches opening

    4. Two pouches filling product

    5. Two pouches tidying up

    6. Two pouches sealing

    The working stations can be added or removed according to the products and pouch type.
    Date/batch no printing (ribbon printer)

  • Product Specification

    Bag Size

    Width: 90-140mm, Length: 110-230mm

    Speed30-80 bags per minute
    Filling volume range10-200ml (depending on material)
    Power Supply380V 50Hz 5KW
    Machine weight1200kgs
    Air consumption0.7m3/min

    Premade pouch (doy pack, zip pouch, pouch with spout/cap)

    Easyrealm Co., Ltd

  • Product Videos

    In this stand up pouch filling and sealing machine video, the machine is doing premade pouch liquid packing for sauce fully automatically. The dosing and filling is completed by a pump.