Automatic Hardware Screw Packing Machine 50g-5kgs per Bag (Weighing + Counting)

This screw packing machine, with both weighing and counting system,is specially suitable for accurate bulk packing of fasteners, rubber part packaging, bolts nuts washers rivets packing.

  • No.:YLM-420WCP

Automatic High Accurate Hardware Packing Machine with Both Weighing and Counting System 5KGS per Bag



This automatic hardware weighing couting machine is suitable for high accuracy packing of small parts from 50g per bag to 5kgs per bag.

parts without hook: small hardware, rubber parts, small plastic parts, short screws, nails, nuts, washers, buttons, fasteners, electronic components, hardware accessories and so on.


Bag Length50mm-350mm
Bag Width50-150mm (forming device needs changing for different size)
Film Widthmax. 320 mm
Packing Speed3-8 bag/min (according to quantity per bag, size of products)
Counting MethodInfrared optical counting system / track positioning 
Quantity of Parts per BagAs long as the bag can accomodate
Bag Typepillow pack or three side sealed
Seam Width10 mm
Bag Forming Devicepneumatic sealing and cutting
Cutting Methodpattern welded knife
Bag Length Controlsetting on touch screen / photoelectric sensor
Air Discharging Methodair hole
Linking Bagfunction of bag linking can be set on touch screen
Air pressure0.4-0.8Mpa (air compressor prepared by customer)
Weighing range50g-5kgs
Overall Size4.35m*1.122m*2.286m

rubber parts O-ring bulk packing machine.jpg

  • High Accuracy, High speed, saving labor costs.

  • This machine is equipped with both a weighing system and an infrared optical counting system. It first does automatic bulk feeding gradually, to the point that close to the (weight/quantity per bag) value pre-set. Then the infrared optical counting system does compensate feeding, to achieve accurate packaging. So the finished products in every finished bag are of very high precision in weight/quantity. 

  • It’s designed for pillow pack style, so suitable for a wide range of products. 

  • The film roll device is specially designed as low so it’s convenient for the worker to do film roll replacing

  • 7-inch color touch screen; required parameters such as weight/quantity per bag, bag length, product cumulative count, clear zero, etc. can be set on it. 

  • Mitsubishi PLC control system; The whole process of measurement, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting and counting is done automatically. 

  • Intelligent four-temperature controller independently controls temperature, better adapt to a variety of packaging film;

  • Robust stainless steel frame and vibratory feeders support, more stable.

  • Automatic shutdown while no material in vibratory feeders or empty bags


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rubber parts packing machine.jpg

  • In-feeding system (automatically dispense products to the main feeder, and controls the volume according to the level line)

  • Feeders (one main feeder and one small feeder) 

  • Electronic weighing system 

  • infrared optical counting system

  • Stainless steel pneumatic bagging machine 

  • Stainless steel finished product Conveyor

  • Printer(optional)

  • Heat transfer machine(optional)