Automatic Shrink Wrap Packaging Machine|L Bar Sealer|Shrink Tunnel|Shrink Wrapper

This shrink packaging machine, including a automatic L sealer, a shrink tunnel, is suitable for shrink wrap packaging product bundles, box, carton, packet, bottles, etc.

  • No.:YLM-80VLS75-50ST30

Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine | L Bar Sealer | Shrink Tunnel | Shrink Wrapper

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Household products, cardboard gift box, drinks bottle, books, electronic products, bamboo & wooden products, hardware products, toys, medicine, etc.

This shrink tunnel with automatic L bar sealer, with a collating system for feeding, can do the shrink wrap packaging fully automatically. Product box/packets come out from the cartoner machine, then are transported by the conveyor, fliipped up, and pushed into the L sealer.



L-SealerHeat Tunnel
Overall Dimension(mm)L2430*W1550*H1300



Max Packaging Size(mm)L+H: ≤800 (H<180)1300*400*250

Packaging Speed(pcs/min)20-350-20M
  • Vertically driven L sealer adopted. Evenly vertical sealing interface can overcome film wrinkling and the dislocation of products from the center, achieving excellent effect.

  • Advanced PLC adopted with safety protection and alarm device, ensuring continuous sealing action easy to maintain.

  • Film in-feeding length controlled by electric eye and timer, better shrinking effect ensured by accurate controlling.

  • Two switchover photocells detect horizontally and vertically, making small or thin products easy to be sealed and packed.

  • Waste film reeling automatically controlled by a separate motor, making the waste film uneasy to break regardless of its tightness.

  • Sealing blade's vertical motion controlled by a separate motor to make packing products in various dimensions possible only via pressing the buttons on the control panel.

  • Blowing system optional according to the packaging sizes.

  • Conveyor controlled by a frequency inverter to adjust conveying speed.

  • Upper tunnel cover openable for cleaning and maintenance.

  • Shrinking process visible through a transparent window.

  • In-feeding powered conveyor belt and out-feeding conveyor belt are optional upon request.

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