High Speed Pharma Box Collating Stacking Overwrapping Machine | Bundle Wrapping Machine

Easyrealm is one of the overwrapping machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. We supply all kinds of cellophane overwrapping machines for over wrapping single product of bundle in BOPP film.

  • No.:YLM-OW-30A

Automatic High Speed Overwrapping Machine|Cellophane Wrapping Machine|Pharma Box Collating Stacking Ovrewrapping Machine.

آلة تغليف السيلوفان.

เครื่องห่อฟิล์ม BOPP ห่อแบบพับจีบอัตโนมัติ|Máy đóng gói màng co bao thuốc lá.

오버랩핑기|전자동 방식 BOPP 오버랩핑기|오버랩핑 포장기|고속 오버랩핑기|오버랩포장기계|자동오버랩핑기.


mesin rokok.

Линия упаковки сигарет|Машина в целлофановую пленку методом «Конверт»|Автоматический станок для упаковки коробок в пленку.

Automático celofán envoltura empaquetadora|envoltorio de celofán|Film Celofán la máquina envasadora para caja|Cellophane Máquina de embalaje|Encelofanadora



Overwrapping is also called cigarette wrapping, tuck and fold wrapping, diamond-fold wrapping. Overwrapping machine is for over wrapping one single product box (or several of them as a bundle) tightly in cellophane (BOPP film).Products with overwrapping looks better that with shrink wrap.

This automatic overwrapping machine is equipped with automatic box/carton collating & stacking system. When product boxes come out from the cartoning machine, they are transported to the collating & stacking system.Then a certain number of boxes are pushed through the overwrapping machine for wrapping as a bundle.

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Overwrapping for candy boxes, jewel cases,CD cases, tea cartons, cosmetic cartons, pharma/medicine boxes, chocolate cartons, soap boxes, spice cartons, biscuit cartons, playing card, condom cartons, perfume cartons, etc.

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SpeedMax. 50 bundles/min
Packaging MaterialBOPP or PVC
Power SupplyAC 220V 50Hz
Air Pressure0.5MPa
  • High speed: max. 50 bundles/min.

  • Fully automatic from feeding, collating, stacking and overwrapping. 

  • Stable perfomance.

  • Low noise.


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