29-Station Double Rotary Tablet Press Machine with Auto Weight Control (D Tooling)

This double rotary tablet press machine with auto weight, is for pill press, medicine tablet press, salt tablet press, sugar tablet press, etc.

  • No.:YLM-LSTC-420-29D

29-Station Double Rotary Tablet Press Machine with Auto Weight Control (D Tooling)

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This tablet press is an automatic double discharge rotary tablet press machine. It is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and food industry, etc. It can make pills/tablets of round shape, oblong shape, star shape with double-sided lettering.

²  PLC control, with automatic protection function (over compression force, overload and emergency stop button).

²  No hand wheel operation, human-machine interface touch screen, easy to operate.

²  Meeting GMP requirements, compact structure, reliable performance, easy to use.

²  Auto weight control and rejection.

²  ZPT Standard die, oil ring and seal ring can be connected.

²  Automatic Lubrication System, to achieve short-term continuous production without clearance.


Pill press,tablet press,vitamin tablet press,salt tablet press,dishwasher tablet press,milk tablet press,sugar tablet press,etc.

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Tooling typeD tooling
Capacity (pcs/hour) Single color 130000 / double color 55000 
Rotary speed (rpm) 5~35 
Max. main pressure100KN 
Max. filling depth
Tablet thickness range0.5~9mm 
Max tablet diameterФ25mm 
Punch die diameterФ38.1mm 
Punch rod diameterФ25.35mm 
Punch rod length133.60mm 
Power4KW/380V50Hz3 Phase
Size850×1150×1850 mm 
NoteMax capacity is under the condition of round tablet with minimum tablet diameter
Structure of Pill Press Machine

This pill press machine is mainly composed of the bottom plate, the front and rear stand, the front and rear frame, the worm gear box, the machine base, the punch plate combination, the upper support block and the control cabinet. 

The bottom plate, the front and rear stand, the front and rear frame, the machine base and the worm gear box are connected by bolts to form a fixed frame, which is as the base of the rotary tablet press machine. The worm gear box is fixed on the machine base. On the basis of the worm gear box, the functional parts of the tablet press machine, such as the filling and metering mechanism, the lower punch protection device, the lower pre-compression roller, the regulating mechanism of the main pressing roller, the tablet discharging guide rail, the filling guide rail, and the lower punch protection guide Rail, the dies disassemble block and other parts are installed on the machine base.

The supporting blocks connect the punch plate and the upper guide rail plate to the machine base through the left and right column pull rods and the pull rods passing through the spindle center, forming a stable frame structure, which has strong anti-bending and anti-torsion ability, to meet the load-bearing requirements of tablet press machine under high speed operation. The supporting block is equipped with a guide rail plate, an upper pre-compression roller, an upper main compression roller, etc. On the four sides of the upper roof, there are four perspex doors, and each perspex door is equipped with a telescopic spring, which can provide support tension.

The upper part of the tablet press machine is a completely sealed tablet compression chamber, which is for the complete tablet press process. It includes force feeder system, punching combination, tablets discharge, and dust collector. The tablet compression chamber is a hermetically sealed space by sealing the top plate, cover plate and plexiglass doors together, so to prevent the contamination of the tablet press process from outside.

The lower part of the tablet press machine is equipped with main transmission system, lubricating system, and automatic adjusting mechanism. The left and right door panels, back door panels and control cabinet are completely sealed together as the lower part of the machine, to prevent dust pollution to the machine.

29 محطة حبة ضاغط آلة ، التلقائي الصحافة آلة حبوب منع الحمل مع نظام الرفض عبر الإنترنت.jpg

How Tablet Press Machines Work? What is a Tablet Press Machine?Case

The working process of tablet press machine includes powder/granules material filling, measuring, pre-compression, main compression, tablets forming and discharging.

The upper and lower punches are driven by the turret and move from left to right along the upper and lower guide rails. When the punch moves to the filling section, the upper punch moves around the force feeder. At the same time, the lower punch moves down due to the action of the filling guide rail, forming a cavity with negative pressure in the middle die hole. The powder particles are let into the cavity by the impeller blending of the force feeder. When the lower punch is passing by the lowest point of the filling guide rail, it is overfilled. The turret continues to move, and when the lower punch is passing by the metering guide rail, it moves up gradually and pushes the excess powder particles in the cavity out of the middle die hole. Because there is much material in the feeder and together with the stirring action of the impeller, the powder of middle die is under a compression process when pushing out, which completes weight measurement of the tablets. The top plane of the metering guide is horizontal, and the lower punch keeps horizontal movement. The powder scraper scrapes away the excess powder on upper surface of the middle die, which keeps the same amount of powder particles in each hole. In order to prevent the powder in the middle die hole from being thrown out, a cover plate is installed behind the scraper. Before the middle die hole is moved out of the cover plate, the lower punch is just pulled down 2 mm by the lower punch protective guide rail, and the height of the powder in the middle die is also reduced 2 mm, so that the powder in the middle die will not be thrown out because of the high linear speed. After the middle die hole is removed from the cover plate, the upper punch enters the middle die hole gradually and cover the powder in the middle die closely, then upper punch and lower punch close. This process ensures that during the compression process the amount of powder leakage is small and the filling amount does not change. When the punch passes through the pre-compression roller, the pre-compression action is completed, and then continues through the main compression roller to complete the compaction action. Finally, through tablets discharge guide rail, upper punch moves upward, lower punch push upward, pushing tablets out for discharge, to complete a pressing process. 

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Main Transmission System

  • The main transmission system is for providing force for the tablet press machine. It not only provides sufficient torque, but also the speed is adjustable. So that, even under large impact loads, the speed is still stable and reliable.

  • The main transmission system mainly consists of high-power AC motor, frequency converter, synchronous belt, synchronous tooth belt, tensioning roller, hand roller, worm gear reducer, spindle and other components.

  • The main motor drives the worm gear box through the synchronous gear belt, the worm roller drives the main shaft. The main shaft makes the punch plate move so to rotate around the central shaft.

  • The main motor can realize more than 10 times stepless speed regulation by frequency converter.

  • The frequency converter itself has the intelligent control. The electrical system control fully displays the frequency converter's function, to realize the turret non-overload smooth start, stop; overload protection, breakdown alarm, breakdown shut down; speed and current display.

  • The synchronous toothed belt is adopted to reduce the noise of the equipment. The utility of belt tensioning mechanism reduces the slip rate of the belt.

Compression Force and Filling Adjusting Device
  • Tablet thickness adjusting hand wheel is used to adjust the distance between the upper main compression roller and the lower one (electric control on touch screen), so as to adjust the compression force applied to the surface of the tablet. Thus, it is also called compression force adjusting device.

  • The filling hand wheel is used to adjust the filling depth (that is, the filling amount). The hand wheel is connected with the control motor through the chain roller. Thus, the computer controller can adjust the filling amount by controlling the motor to operate the filling hand wheel in the automatic control state.

  • The pre-compression hand wheel is used to adjust the distance between the upper and lower pre-compression roller so as to adjust the pre-compression force.

Punching Combination

The punching combination includes punching plate combination, upper and lower punching rod, Middle Die, upper and lower pre-compression roller, upper and lower main compression roller, upper guide rail plate, filling device and lower guide rail plate. The upper punch is guided by an upper guide rail with continuous cam. The lower punch is guided by a lower guide rail, a filling guide rail, a metering guide rail, and a tablet discharge guide rail. The tail part of the upper punch and lower punch is embedded on the fixed curve guide rail. When the turret rotates, the upper and lower punch moves up and down along with the curve rail, to achieve tablets compression through the extrusion action of the compression roller.

مكبس كبسولات او حبوب يستخدم للادوية وللسكاكر البودرة المضغوطة.jpg

Force Feeder

The force feeder is mainly composed of feeding motor, feeding worm gear reducer, universal coupling, force feeding device, feeding barrel, feeding inlet regulator, connecting pipe, feeding platform, platform adjusting mechanism, etc.

The feeding motor and the worm gear reducer are mounted on the upper part of the machine panel. The output shaft of the worm gear reducer drives the long shaft through the universal coupling. The long shaft is connected with the input shaft of the gearbox of the force feeder. The input shaft turns the gear shaft. The lower part of the gear box has two output shafts, which are respectively equipped with two impellers. Gears drive the two impellers to rotate mutually. A material collector groove is arranged at the bottom of the housing of the feeder. The lower part of the material collector groove is matched with the surface of the middle punching plate. It is used for filling the material in the feeder into the middle die. Two receiving scrapers are arranged at the front end of the material collector groove, which is for recycling the material on the surface of the middle punching plate into the feeder. On the upper part of the feeder, there is an observation window for observing the working conditions inside the feeder. 

force feeder,خط انتاج المضغوطات ( التابليت).jpg

Upper and Lower Main Compression Roller System

The main structure of the upper and lower main compression rollers is basically the same. They are basically positioned by two cylindrical roller bearings to provide strong and large supporting force for the pressing roller. Two sets of tapered roller bearings are installed in the middle of the pressing roller, to ensure that the compression roller can rotate flexibly. In the middle of the two bearings, there is a spacer sleeve with two retaining rings on both sides, to ensure that the bearings in the compression roller do not rub against the retaining collars on both sides and damage the retaining collars.

The material of the compression roller is alloy tool steel. The hardness of the compression roller is higher than that of the die after processing, to ensure that the compression rollers do not wear out for long time use. The retaining collars on both sides are used for both positioning and sealing, to ensure that dust not entering the bearings under the working environment for a long time.

Pills/Tablets Discharge

The discharge system is composed of a guiding device and a discharge slot. The function of the guiding device is to guide the tablets out to the discharge device, and to guide the powder on the punching plate into the feeder.

The discharge device has two channels, namely the qualified channel and the rejection channel. The two channels are converted by a rotating electromagnet driving a flap (valve). When the machine starts to work or the rejects appears in the production process, the rejection channel opens. When the machine is in normal operation, the rejection channel is closed, and the qualified channel is opened. In the shutdown or emergency shutdown, qualified channel is immediately closed, and the rejection channel opens.

Oil Lubrication System

The machine has a new type of intermittent micro-flow quantitative automatic pressure oil lubrication system.

Oil lubrication system includes electric lubrication pump, oil filter, multi-channel oil distribution block, quantitative oil injector, pipe joint, pipeline and so on. The lubricating point is the upper guide plate, the upper punch, the lower punch, the main pre-compression roller, and the lower pre-compression roller.

Grease Lubrication System

Main lubrication points are upper bearing position of machine base, lower bearing position of machine base, upper main compression roller, lower main pre-compression roller shaft (manual butter gun filling)

Tablets Dust Collector

The tablet press adopts integrated dust collector to clean up the powder leaking from the middle and lower punching plates. It is with a vacuum cleaner. The suction pipe is directly connected from the fan to the back door of the equipment, and the inner pipe is connected to the suction device.

How Tablet Auto Weight Control Works?

This tablet machine realizes rejection through specially designed electrical system. This system is for auto weight control of the whole production process.

The principle of automatic weight control: the tablet weight is detected through the compression force given on it. If the tablet is under more compression force, then it has more weight. There is a scientific basis for expressing tablet weight by compression force. Under the condition of constant distance between the upper and lower compression roller, the compression force is mostly related to the amount of material in the middle die, and the amount of material in the middle die is directly related to the tablet weight. So, it's very scientific to measure and indicate the tablet weight by compression force. This picture shows how tablet press machine does tablet auto weight control.

pill press making machine auto weight control.jpg

Main Features of This Tablet Press with Auto Weight Control

Electrical Control System

  1. PLC plus touch screen (POD) control system -FP series of Japanese Matsushita. Programmable Controller as the control center and is equipped with analog module and remote data communication interface. EVIEW color touch screen. The main motor frequency converter and feeding frequency converter are of Japanese Panasonic. The implementation system uses the international well-known brand company's product, to guarantee stability and the reliability of the electrical control system.

  2. Motor of the main machine and feeding motor are both driven by frequency converter. In production process, the production speed can be adjusted continuously according to the demand. The speed of the feeding motor can be increased with the increase of the speed of the main machine motor.

  3. The main motor adopts frequency conversion technology, so it saves energy and reduces consumption, with reliable control, stable operation and low noise.

  4. The frequency converter itself has the intelligent control. The electrical system control fully displays the frequency converter's function, to realize the turret non-overload smooth start, stop; overload protection, breakdown alarm, breakdown shut down; speed and current display.

  5. The monitoring system has the following main functions:

    ØImportant parameters are password protected;

    ØMonitor the pressure and deviation of each punch, the quantity of finished tablets, the quantity of rejected tablets, the working time and the total run time of the tablet machine;

    ØWhen the production of qualified tablets achieves the pre-set outputs, the machine will automatically stop;

    ØReport parameters can be set according to the user;

    ØMonitor the punch compression force curve;

    ØTablet Auto Weight Control;

    ØThickness and filling depth displayed on touch screen;

    ØTablet Rejection;

    ØMonitor the punch compression force, if it exceeds the limit of pre-set value, the machine will stop automatically.

    ØAutomatic alarm and shutdown for malfunction, and can be checked;

    ØMany important parameters, such as lubricating oil quantity, adjustment limit, system time, can be set by the user according to the process requirements.

  6. Auto weight control, rejection identification and automatic rejection

    ²The average weight control precision: ±2%

    ²  When the single tablet weight0.3 g, tolerance is ±5%

    ²  When the single tablet weight ≥0.3 g, tolerance is ±3%

    ²  The touch screen can display machine running state, malfunction auto detection and alarm, auto-stop.

    ²  Phase break and phase sequence protection;

    ²  Main motor and feeding motor overflow & overload protection; main compression, pre-compression overload protection;

    ²  Installation position of tablet weight adjusting device protection;

    ²  Door and window opening protection;

    ²  Single punch continuous over-tolerance protection;

    ²  Continuous over weight protection;

    ²  Adjustment times over-tolerance protection

    ²  Achieving pre-set yield protection

Force Feeder

Closed two-layer double impeller force feeding, close to a quarter of the working arc length of the punch plate, increases the powder filling capacity, effectively prevent the separation of coarse particles and fine particles. It avoids the problem of excessive dust and cross-contamination occurring by gravity feeding. As frequency converter is adopted and speed of feeding motor can automatically increase with the increase of the main motor speed, the problem of insufficient feeding is avoided. The bottom plate surface of the feeder is matched with the upper surface of the middle punching plate (the clearance ≤0.05 mm), together with the function of the powder scraper, to avoid powder flinging and leaking. It is also suitable for raw powder and very fine powder.

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Lubrication System on this Machine

  • Intermittent micro-flow quantitative automatic pressure oil lubrication system, with high-precision micro-distribution Valve and central lubrication pump, not only ensure the full lubrication of the punch, guide rail, but also solve the problem of oil polluting tablets.

  • The closed semi-automatic Center Grease Lubrication System ensures that the grease lubrication clean, convenient and reliable.

  • Oil lubrication system and central grease lubrication system are mature system to ensure the reliability of lubrication. The interval of oil lubrication is adjustable, insufficient oil alarm.

Punch Plate

  • The Punch plate combination is assembled by the upper, the middle. and the lower parts separately through the hot pressure inlaying and matching.

  • The middle plate is made of 2Cr13 stainless steel, and the surface. hardness can reach over HRC55 after special treatment. It has good hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It not only meets the requirements of GMP, but also meet the requirements of herbal medicine or other corrosive material.

  • Upper and lower punch is QT500-7, which has good wear resistance. and lubricity.

  • The end run-out of the middle punch plate is ≤0.04 mm.

  • The whole punch plate is processed in the automatic numerical control machining center. The punching holes on upper, middle, lower punch plates are processed in one machining machine center. The punching diameter tolerance of the upper and lower punching plates shall not exceed 0.013 mm, and the diameter tolerance of the middle punching plate shall not exceed 0.017 mm.\

  • The coaxiality of the upper and lower punch holes to the middle die hole is in accordance with level 7 of GBJ1184;\

  • The limit deviation of the upper and lower punch holes to the middle die. hole is in accordance with level 7 of GB1801;

  • The surface roughness of the upper and lower punch holes R. Value≤0.8 um.

Lower Pressing Damping

It is dust-proof damping, which can prolong the service life of punch and ensures the consistency of down punch damping, avoiding the pulsation and free fall of down punch under high-speed operation, and reducing the noise during operation.

Compliance with GMP

  • Smooth surface, without spray paint treatment. The power line or all transmission devices controlled by electric appliances are arranged outside the pressing area.

  • The punching holes are protected by special oil-proof and dust-proof seals. The sealing system proved by practice can effectively prevent dust from entering the lower mechanical parts of the machine. The optimized structural design enables the machine to be protected by a special stainless-steel plate, and the simple method of disassembly and assembly makes it possible to touch any part of the machine.

  • 360-degree clean, no dead angle, easy to see.

Tablet Duster

This tablet duster is developed and produced to remove the dust from the tablets. It can be used with various types of tablet press machine. It has high output efficiency, high dust removal rate, sealing, low noise, easy to use and maintain. It can be matched with a dust-sucking or dust-blowing device, and the speed can be adjusted continuously.

Easyrealm Tablet Press Duster.jpg

Main Features

Ø  Meet GMP requirements

Ø  Using Double screen structure, effective separation of tablets and dust

Ø  Using v-shaped screen design, can be more effective polishing tablets

Ø  Amplitude and speed continuously adjustable

Ø  Easy to use, simple maintenance

Ø  Smooth operation, low noiseEasyrealm Co., Ltd

Max. Output (tablets/h)


(round tablet Ø6-12mm)

Rated Power (W)


Dedust Route(M)


Power Supply

220V 50Hz

Air Pressure


Max. Noise (dB(A))


Overall Dimension





Tablet Press Dust Collector

It is for dust collecting during tablet press manufacturing. It's made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy material, has good anti-corrosion ability and meets GMP requirements. Most of the inhaled materials can be recycled. The noise reduction device is adopted to reduce the noise.

Easyrealm pill press dust collector.jpg

Main features

  • High air volume

  • Strong vacuum suction

  • Electromagnetic vibration dust removal;

  • Easy to operate, easy maintenance; smooth operation, low noise.

Motor (KW)


Capacity (m3/h)


Ultimate Vacuum Degree (kPa)


Machine Weight (kg)


Overall Size


Tablet Press Vacuum Feeder

It adopts the latest vacuum technology in the world and is the best alternative to the traditional conveying equipment. It can solve the problem of mixture material delamination and eliminates static electricity.

เครื่องตอกยา อัดเม็ดยา อัดนมเม็ด.jpg


Ø  In compliance with GMP requirements, made of 316 stainless steel

Ø  High transport capacity, precision polishing of inner wall, non-bonding material

Ø  Material soft landing technology, to ensure that the original characteristics of materials do not change

Ø  clean, non-toxic, corrosion-resistant fabricating material

Ø  Intelligent control, simple operation

Ø  building block type structure, easy disassembly, no dead angle, easy cleaning

Ø  No leakage

Ø  easy installation, light weight, small volume, low noise, no vibration energy saving, low operating cost

Ø  high automation.

Ø  Two types: material level detection type / explosion-proof type eliminating material static electricity


Air Pressure

Air Consumption



540 L/min

Metal Detector

Metal Detector

Ø  Detection of magnetic and non-magnetic metal impurities

Ø  Appropriate for tablets and capsules

Ø  Ejection Mechanism: Metal contaminations are rejected through the quick flap reject unit

Ø  Totally sealed coil, made of stainless steel

Ø  Hygienic design for easy clean

Ø  Meets IFS and HACCP requirements

Ø  Easy to use with product auto-learn function and latest microprocessor technology

Mesin tablet.jpg


Passage Height/width: 68mmX18mm

Sensitivity adjusting: Yes

Max Sensitivity: Φ0.2 Fe ball, Φ0.4 SS ball

(without consideration of product effect and ambient disturbance)

Auto-learn function: YES

Type of Protection: IP 65

Control Unit: LCD Display, 4 Keypad for operation,200 Product memory,1000 event record

Product tracking: automatically compensate slow variation of product effects operation

Voltage: 230V/115VAC (+10%,-15%)

роторный таблеточный пресс производство таблеток соли,เครื่องตอกยา อัดเม็ดยา อัดนมเม็ด.jpg