Automatic Tube Filler|Tube Filling Sealing Machine|Dual Function Tube Filler and Sealer

This tube filler, is for filling and sealing both aluminum tube and plastic tube. With combination sealing unit, one machine can do both folding sealing for aluminum tubes and heat sealing for laminate tubes.

  • No.:YLM-ATFM-80C

Fully Automatic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine|Dual Function Tube Filler for Both Aluminum Tubes and Plastic/Laminate Tubes


This tube filler sealer has more options for sealing, and can do both folding sealing for aluminum tubes and heat sealing for plastic tubes, with only minor and very quick changeovers. Its combination sealing unit is suitable for both plastic/laminate tubes and aluminum tubes. It means it is suitable for all tube materials. Both aluminum tubes and plastic/laminate tubes can be filled and sealed on one machine.



1.     One machine is able to do filling and sealing for plastic tubes, laminated tubes and aluminum tubes. We have obtained patent certificate on this. The change from one type of tube to another is very easy, no need to change the whole set mechanical hand.

2.     Automatic completion of filling, sealing and batch no. printing in one machine.

3.     The tube is automatically pressed into the tube holder.

4.     The elastic tension type tube holder is adopted to guarantee the consistent sealing height.

5.     The automatic color mark adjusting systems (by stepping driving tube holder) is adopted for oval tubes or other special-shaped tubes.

6.     Mechanical transmission type filling system is adopted, ensuring the stability of filling volume.

7.     Original Swiss LEISTER heater is adopted.

8.     The internal wall of tube adopts hot air sealing and the external wall of tube adopts cooling water circulative cooling, which ensures nice sealing effect.

9.     The fan (made in Taiwan) is adopted to discharge the poisonous gas produced during the heating outside the room (We have obtained a patent certificate for this).

9.1  Discharge the unnecessary hot air outside through the hot air processing unit.

9.2  Avoiding the 600 degree Celsius hot air contact with the material.

9.3  Avoiding the material go bad in shot time.

9.4  Avoiding the oil gas and the moisture which is produced when hot air contact with material caused the wrong sealing.

9.5  Discharge the poison air outside the room which is produced when heating the plastic and laminated tube.

10.  After the sealing, the wind cooling system is adopted to prevent the heat from being conducted to the material.

11.  PLC automatic control system.

12.  No tube no fill.

13.  Highly clear stainless-steel frame.

14.  The connection of emulsifier, cartoning machine and this tube filling & sealing machine can be easily achieved.

15.  It is easy to operate between different sizes of tubes.

16.  Automatic supply tube to the worktable of machine, automatic inner tube blowing (clearing), tube color mark automatic adjustment in a holder and automatic filling and sealing.

17.  Speed is adjustable by inverter.

18.  The production capacity (outputs) can be realized and controlled automatically.

19.  Human-machine interface with direct display and control.

20.  Tube feeding, absorbing and locating device, which is controlled by the original vacuum generator.

21.  Automatic detection of tube direction inversion.

22.  Cam indexing.

23.  Automatic cleaning the inner tubes and the dust collecting system.

24.  Malfunction alarm; automatic stopping device when the door is opened and mechanical overload.

25.  The combined material feeding forms of blow cutting and cutting can guarantee the filling of material with high viscosity.


Power Supply
380V / 3 Phase / AC / 50 Hz
Main Power7.0kw
Tube Diameter

Aluminum tube: 10-30mm

Plastic tube and laminated tube: 10-50mm
Filling volume

Aluminum tube: 1-150ml

Plastic tube and laminated tube: 1-250ml
Filling precision≤+/-1%
Air pressure0.4-0.6 MPa
Hopper volume40L

     1. Water chiller(cooler) with the link system:

Inner is of stainless steel;

Circulating pump is of stainless steel.

2. Cam rotor pump (CYM 316):

Fix on stainless steel trolley, easy to clean;   

With the pipe line and system to link with the emulsifier and tube filler;

Stepless Frequency Conversion Timing.

3. Hopper level sensor system:

USA BANNER ultrasonic level probe combined with Siemens module can be used to accurately control material level and give direct display on the touch screen.

4.  Column style material-temperature-automatic-control blending system, including:

Jacketed hopper with temperature preserving;

Mixing column mixed motor, mixer;

Constant temperature hot water circulating;

Separated temperature automatic control heating box