EASYREALM Automatic Bottle Shaped Pouch Packing Machine

This mini bottle shape pouch packing machine does premade stand up pouch picking up, filling, sealing and shape cutting fully automatically.

  • No.:YLM-PMHZ-160SP

Premade Stand up Bottle Shape Sachet Liquid Filling Sealing Machine | Automatic Stand up Bottle Shaped Pouch Packing Machine | Small Liquid Health Drink Stand up Shaped Pouch Filling Machine

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  • The mini premade pouch packing machine is for filling and packing liquid products or paste products into premade stand up pouches and does shape cutting

  • This mini premade pouch filling and sealing machine is composed of a dosing & filling pump, a liquid material hopper and an automatic premade pouch pick fill seal and shape cutting machine.

  • It does material dosing and filling (by pump), premade shaped sachets picking up, opening, filling, sealing and shape cutting fully automatically with a packing speed of 20-50pcs per minute. Functions of date printing is optional.

  • Easyrealm is one of the premade pouch packing machine manufacturers in China. We are manufacturing and supplying all kinds of premade bag packing machines at low cost, such as single station premade pouch packing machine, double station pick fill seal machine, mini doypack packing machine, automatic linear premade stand up zipper pouch packaging machine for granules, premade zip lock bag powder filling machine, premade liquid spout pouch filling and sealing machine, premade bottle shaped pouch sachet packaging machine, etc.

  • All kinds of premade bag packing machine can be custom designed and fabricated to your specific specifications or requirements.

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How a Mini Pick Fill Seal Machine (Premade Stand up Pouch Filling Sealing & Shape Cutting Machine) Work?

1. Pouch picking up
2. Pouch receiving
3. Pouch opening
4. Filling product
5. Pouch sealing

6. Cutting pouches into required shape

Date/batch no. printing


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All kinds of drinks: health drinks for women, nutrition drinks, energy drinks, protein drinks, herbal drinks, fruit juice, orange juice, mango juice, lemon juice, yogurt (yoghurt), honey, milk, soda, water, etc.

Main Features

1) Easy and simple to put bags in the bag slot, equipped with automatic bag pressing device;
2) No filling, no sealing;
3) The machine is of SS304 appearance. Carbon steel frame and some parts are acid- resistant, salt-resistant anti-corrosion layer processed.
4) Most parts are fabricated by mold production; the main material is 304 stainless and alumina.


In this min premade bottle pouch packing machine video, the machine is doing premade shaped sachets filling and sealing for energy drink fully automatically. The dosing and filling is completed by a pump. 




Bag SizeWidth: 90-160mm, Length: 110-230mm
Speed20-50 bags per minute
Filling volume range10g-200ml (depending on material)
Power Supply380V 50Hz 2.0KW
Machine weight600kgs
Air consumption0.7m3/min

Premade bag, spout pouch, doy bag, 4 side seal bag, paper bag

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