Automatic Mini Premade Doypack Stand up Zipper Pouch Packing Machine

This Automatic Mini Stand up Zipper Pouch Filling Sealing Packing Machine is a low cost mini doypack packaging machine (mini pick fill seal machinery).

  • No.:YLM-PM2S-GS300D-ZL

Automatic Mini Stand up Zip Pouch Packing Machine Scale | Automatic Mini Doypack Packing Machines Manufacturer | Automatic Premade Stand up Zip Lock Bag Filling Sealing Machine

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  • The Automatic Small Mini Premade Stand up Zipper Pouch Packng Machine is for packaging all kinds of granules. 

  • It can do filling and sealing for such bag types as stand up zip pouch / stand up barrier pouch / stand up zip bag / stand up zip lock bag / stand up zip tup bag / stand up zipper pouch, doy bag, four sides sealed bag, paper bags, etc.

  • This premade zip lock bag filling and sealing machine is composed of a material elevator, a weighing system and an automatic mini doypack pick fill seal machine.

  • It does granules dosing and filling (by scale), premade bag picking up, opening, filling and sealing fully automatically with a packing speed of 5-12bags per minute. Functions of date printing, zip opening, nitrogen flushing and euro hole punch are optional.

  • Easyrealm is one of the premade pouch packing machine manufacturers in China. We are manufacturing and supplying all kinds of premade bag packing machines at low cost, such as single station premade pouch packing machine, double station pick fill seal machine, mini doypack packing machine, automatic linear premade stand up zipper pouch packaging machine for granules, premade zip lock bag powder filling machine, premade liquid spout pouch filling and sealing machine, etc.

  • All kinds of mini doypack pouch packing machine can be custom designed and fabricated to your specific specifications or requirements.

Bag Type & Filling Way

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All kinds of granules: sugar, rice, salt, candy, chocolate, snacks, cookies, puffy food, pasta, spice condiments, herbs, beans, nuts, coffee beans, cashew, pistachio, peanuts, dates, cereals, dried fruits, pet food, frozen food, seeds, etc.

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Main Features

1. New generation sanitary design & build

2. Easy clean and avoid trash accumulated

3. Compact footprint and low mainteance

4. Compact single station, pneumatic system used for safety running

5. Automatic operation control, easy to adjust and operate

6. PLC controlled pouch pickup - open - fill - seal - output

7. 7" User's friendly HMI with our our developed software ensures high efficiency performance

8. Automatic filling machine for premade doypack pouches, each working station with 2 pincers that guarantee the grip of the pouch

9. Various pouches available running on a same machine which adjusting positon by suction

10. Auto pouch detecting sensor, no pouch no dump ensure material splash down

11. Automatic breakdown detection and solution is clearly displaying on the screen

12. Various option functions available upon requests, such as zop-lock open device / hot stamp printer / hopper shaker / product settler

13. MCU control, touch screen, temperature control, automatically pneumatic components, gas procesor, alarm

14. Building material is made of SUS304 and anodized alumimum profiles

15. Interlock safety, CE application - auto stop when the door is open



Bag SizeWidth: 100-300mm, Length: 130-350mm
Speed8-15 bags per minute
Power Supply220V, 50/60HZ,1, 1.5KW
Air consumption7.0  CFM @80 PSI

Doy bag, stand up zipper pouch, 4 side seal bag,paper bag, zip lock bag

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