Automatic VFFS Powder Filling Packaging Machine(200g-500g per Bag)

YLM-405PK Automatic Vertical (FFS) Form Fill Seal Powder Filling Packaging Machine(200g-500g per bag)ApplicationThis automatic powder packing machine, designed for both free-flowing and non-free-flowi

  • No.:YLM-405PK

YLM-405PK Automatic Vertical (FFS) Form Fill Seal Powder Filling Packaging Machine(200g-500g per bag)

  • This automatic powder packing machine, designed for both free-flowing and non-free-flowing powder with particle size more than 200 mesh, can do flour packaging, milk powder packaging. 

  •  It is also suited for sugar, corn starch, soy flour, glucose powder, ice cream powder, spices powder, cocoa powder, ground coffee, bean powder, instant coffee, instant tea, instant fruit juice, baking mix, drink mix, powdered drink mix, instant drink powder, protein powder, whey powder powered eggs, washing powder, organic fertilizer, detergent powder, enzymes, chemical additives, etc.

  •  It automatically does bag (pouch) making, measuring, filling, sealing, printing, cutting and counting. Screw auger measuring device is adopted. All parts that contact with material are fabricated to meet sanitary standards. (stainless steel or others)

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Measuring WayScrew auger
Bag SizeL100-240mm-W80-180mm
Air Consumption6kg/cm2 2.5m3/min
Packed Weight200-500g
AccuracyIf total packed material≤100g, diviation≤±1g

If total packed material100g, diviation≤±1%
Power380V(or customerized),50-60Hz
Total power4kw
Overall weight650kg
Overall size1350×830×2000mm


Youtube video: installation and commission of powder filling packing machine 

  • PLC and touch screen control system are adopted, easy to use. 

  • Servo motor control system; The measuring is done by the screw auger, which is driven by a servo motor.

    So the weight of filled material can be adjusted in step-less way. This ensures high measuring speed, high accuracy, high stability. 

  • Double-belt film pulling device; size of bag can be set on the touch screen; film pulling is done stably and accurately, and finished bags are nice. 

  • The heat-sealing device is of double-way temperature control, which ensures accurate temperature control and good thermal equilibrium. This ensures high-quality sealing, and it is applicable to many kinds of bag material.  

  • Photoelectric automatic positioning system: unique photoelectric positioning technology is adopted. For packing material with color mark on (for positioning), this technology ensures complete picture on every finished bag. 

  • This machine can make corrections when film deviation occurs. With this technology, film waste is avoided and efficiency is highly improved. 

  • Automatic alarm and protection are set for several situations, to minimize waste.  

  • With the function of material level tracking, screw feeding machine can do the feeding automatically.

  • The measuring device is of stainless steel hopper, with good structure, easy to install and dismantle, easy to clean the left-over. 

  • Dates printing can be done.

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Auger Type Filling Equipment

  • The material level is controlled, to realize automatic feeding and stop function. It is easy to use and needs less labor. It is made of sanitary stainless steel.

  • It's applicable for many kinds of material, e.g. snacks, chips, biscuits, rice, seeds, nuts, candies, cereal, pet food, powder, hardware parts, pills, etc.









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Finished Products Conveyor

This finished products conveying device adopts micromotor, with low noise, long lifetime. It conveys the finished products to the platform. Size can be customerized. 









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Bag Style

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