Automatic Milk Tablet Counting Filling Packaging Machine / Pill Packaging Machine

This automatic counting packing machine, is suitable for milk tablet packaging, pill and tablet packaging,. It completes tablet piece counting, filling, bagging with high precision.

  • No.: YLM-260V1-CP
  • Brand: EASYREALM
  • Product Introduction

    Automatic Milk Tablet Counting Filling Packaging Machine / Pill Packaging Machine

    • Infrared optical counting system; high precision of counting.

    • Applicable for many products; very ecosnomic.

    • Vibratory feeder, easy to change.

    • For different bag size, only need to set the data on the touch screen.

    • Set the required number of parts packed and package number on the 7-inch color touch screen, the machine can do packaging accurately.

    • PLC control system is easy to use, stable and durable.

    • Minimal maintenance requirements

    • Intelligent temperature controller

    • The machine stops automatically while vibratory feeder lacking in material

    • Counting, bag forming, filling, sealing and cutting is done in one time.

  • Product Applications

    Easyrealm Co., Ltd

    • Take-away conveyor

    • Highly sensitive checkweighers

    • Sponge soundproof housing

    • Automatic labeler

    • Gas(Nitrogen) flush device

    • Tear notch device

    • Round or Euro hole punch device

    • Alarm light

    • Automated feeding system

    • Code printer

  • Product Packing

    Easyrealm Co., Ltd

    milk tablets, pills, capsule, jelly beans, bubble gum, etc.

    Easyrealm Co., Ltd

  • Product Specification

    Bag Lengthmax. 280mm(bag pulling twice)
    Bag Width70-150mm (forming device needs changing for different size)
    Film Widthmax. 320 mm
    Packing Speed20-60 bag/min (according to characristics of parts packed, film, number of parts per bag
    Counting MethodInfrared optical counting system / track positioning
    Quantity of Parts per BagAs long as the bag can accomodate
    Bag Typepillow pack or three side sealed
    Seam Width10 mm

    Bag Forming Devicetrunk forming device, pneumatic sealing and cutting
    Cutting Methodpattern welded knife
    Bag Length Controlsetting on touch screen / photoelectric sensor
    Air Discharging Methodair hole
    Linking Bagfunction of bag linking can be set on touch screen
    Air pressure0.4-0.8Mpa (air compressor prepared by customer)
    Voltage220V 50Hz or customized
    Power2.0 Kw
    Overall SizeCustomized

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